New anti-Brexit party in UK

New anti-Brexit party in UK
Renew hopes to capitalise upon both the current UK political climate and the growing sentiment favouring remaining within the EU.

A new anti-Brexit political party, at the centre of the political spectrum and known simply as “Renew”, will be officially launched on Monday. Its sole aim: to ride the current wave of public opinion (albeit by no means the majority) which favours the UK remaining in the EU.

The party has stated on its website, “Our aim is to overturn Brexit, and to restore Britain’s influential position in Europe. We will then be able to concentrate upon what really matters in the United Kingdom.” The announcement came ahead of its official launch in the centre of London.

Renew asserts that it has already lined up more than 300 candidates for the next general election, anticipated to take place in 2022. It states that these individuals may be able to play a role in British politics sooner, given the current weak position of the Conservative Prime Minister, Theresa May, presently heading up a divided government. Renew aims to have 650 candidates from mainstream society, one for each of the current UK constituencies.

This new political party has been set up by Chris Coghlan. The former financier stood as an Independent anti-Brexit candidate in South London (Battersea) during the June 2017 general election. He came in fourth in his constituency with 1,234 votes.

In addition to the presence of Renew in the UK, several pro-EU campaigns have materialised in recent weeks. They are calling for a second referendum on the UK’s EU membership.

Lars Anderson

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