Voyeuristic forum: suspect arrested

Voyeuristic forum: suspect arrested
The man, known as Mike D. B., acknowledged having filmed women, and being the account user on the forum under investigation.© Belga

The man, aged 41, suspected of having filmed in the women’s changing rooms of the sports complex, Haute-école HoGent in Ghent, and of having disseminated these images on a Dutch Internet forum, was placed under arrest on Tuesday. The decision was made by the a Ghent investigating judge. The man was a coach and trained youngsters in a  sports club and frequented this gym.

Ghent police have received a number of complaints in this matter. Mike D. B., a man from Ghent was arrested for questioning on Monday afternoon, following three searches. He was questioned by the police and had to spend the night in a cell.

He appeared on Tuesday afternoon before the investigating judge, who issued a warrant for his arrest. The man acknowledged having filmed women and being the account user on the forum under investigation.

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