Meat-tasting sessions held to win back consumer’s trust

Meat-tasting sessions held to win back consumer’s trust

Farmers want to regain consumer’s trust after the Veviba scandal. The Young Farmer’s Federation (FJA) has decided to hold meat tasting sessions over the next few weeks to help achieve this. The Veviba scandal refers to the alleged misconduct by the company of changing the expiry date on its packaging and adding meat not destined for human consumption to its chopped meat.

“Farmers are not at all responsible for this fraud. On the contrary, their main goal is to produce high quality meat that meets extremely strict environmental, sanitary and animal well-being norms,” the FJA said in a press release.

The Federation also says that “farmers themselves are subject to thorough and regular checks by Afsca. More than 95% of these checks come back clean. This makes the agricultural sector one of the best the agency controls,” the press release says.

“The image the public has of farmers was damaged, and they were unfairly stigmatised,” the FJA says.

They therefore decided to rally their force by organising meat tastings over the next few weeks. The first ones will take place this weekend at the Ans Carrefour and AD Delhaize at Bertrix.

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