Fewer codes this year on the tax return form

Fewer codes this year on the tax return form
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The tax form, which nearly seven million citizens and residents of the country are required to complete, will include 849 codes, 36 less than last year, De Tijd, L’Echo and Het Laatste Nieuws indicated in their Wednesday editions. This is the first decline since 2014 in the number of codes, yet this year’s form is still the second highest ever, according to L’Echo.The publication notes that the proliferation of the number of codes in the tax return is a reflection of the incredible complexity of the Belgian tax system. The multitude of codes is a result of both the number of items to declare as taxable and the deduction that are allowed. In addition, the sixth state reform has further complicated the federal tax filing.

The reduction in the number of boxes is largely explained by the fact that only the codes specific to a region will be indicated on the form for the citizens of that region. For example, declarations sent to Wallonia will no longer include the specific codes for Flanders and Brussels. This year 3.1 million Belgians will also receive a simplified declaration, 950,000 more than last year.

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