Hottest April 8 since measurements first taken

Hottest April 8 since measurements first taken
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Sunday 8 April was the hottest April 8th ever recorded in Uccle since measurements started in 1901. The mercury went up to 23.3 degrees at 3 pm, indicates on Twitter David Dehenauw, meteorologist at the IRM. The preceding record was set in 1969, when the thermometer showed 22.7 degrees in Uccle, on April 8.

It was even slightly warmer at 3 pm in Kleine-Brogel, Campine: 23, 6 degrees.

As predicted, the weather was not as mild on the Coast: 11,8 degrees in Middelkerke.

Saturday, the mercury had gone over the 20-degree limit for the first time this year in Uccle.

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