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60 young Brussels jobseekers learn coding

Sixty young Brussels jobseekers were initiated in coding on Saturday, during an event organized by the public employment and training services, Molengeek and École 19. Actiris explains that the objective was to “encourage them to receive training within this booming sector.”

Actiris stresses within a communiqué, “According to a recent study by, the Brussels technological ecosystem has created 3,000 jobs in the capital since 2010. The pace of job creation within the digital sphere is constantly accelerating. Other studies claim that within the next three years, no less than 30,000 job vacancies will be available within this sphere.” Actiris goes on, “It is within this context that Actiris, VDAB and Brussels Training have taken the decision to join with École 19 and Molengeek, with a view to organizing #CrackDuCode for young jobseekers under 30.”

The event was led by two Brussels YouTubers: Abdel en vrai and MolemSisters. The organizers wished to stress, “Without Web developers, there will be no Instagram, no Snapchat, no YouTube. There will therefore be no YouTubers.” The initiative has also showcased École 19 and Molengeek, “two training establishments not requiring previous qualifications.” The training offered is free and is aimed at youngsters who have dropped out of the traditional school system.

Actiris concludes, “Amongst the young Brussels jobseekers under 30 registered with Actiris, 43% had not obtained the Certificate for Upper-secondary Education (or “CESS”). Yet, the need for low-skilled workers is only 10%. In the fight against youth unemployment, initiatives such as #CrackDuCode contribute to reducing the ‘mismatch’, and to bringing employment supply and demand closer together.”

The Brussels Times