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At least 147 Lidl shops strike on Friday

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The strike movement continues at Lidl, as we stand two hours away from a conciliation meeting between the parties. The issues for the meeting appear complicated, given that the gap between management proposals and trade union demands remains significant. The brand’s breakdown of shop numbers taking this strike action indicates that 147 of the 302 shops are closed on Friday. However the relevant common trade union front is indicating that this figure may change during the day.

The conciliation meeting, due to take place today at 2 p.m., could prove to be “short and intense” if the trade unions feel there is a lack of respect. The point has been indicated by the trade union organisations involved.

According to the unions, they were contacted on Tuesday afternoon by Lidl management, who made them a slightly better upward-revised proposal but “on a take it or leave it” basis. Unions are somewhat resentful of the offer made. The proposal is four times lower than their demands. To put it plainly: whilst the common trade union front is demanding 40 additional hours per week and per shop to decrease the pressure on workers, Secta details that the management is only offering workers and the unions ten on this basis.

Of the 147 branches closed on the brand’s current figures, 39 are in Hainaut, 34 in Liège province, 18 in Brussels and Walloon Brabant, 12 in Namur province and one in Luxembourg province.

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