Uccle takes part in a resident consultation pilot project via internet

Uccle takes part in a resident consultation pilot project via internet

The commune of Uccle is organising a resident consultation project via internet. It is a first for Brussels. It will start on Saturday and finish on the 3rd of June. It is part of a pilot project designed to test the new resident consultation internet platform that the DG Transformation Digitale are launching. The DG Transformation Digitale is part of the BOSA Federal Public Service (Strategy and Support).

Uccle has decided to focus attention on residents in the Saint Pierre area, which is emblematic of the commune. Communal authorities want to use their innovative ideas for the city by asking about how to ensure conviviality, discuss areas to reserve for parking, cyclists, pedestrians etc. All the ideas will be discussed and voted on via the platform.

The propositions that get the most votes will be discussed by communal authorities when they consider the future of the area.

Those that want to take part have to sign up to the platform via the commune’s site (www.uccle.be/monopinion. It will run from Saturday until the 3rd of June.

According to mayor Boris Dilliès (MR), Uccle wants to renovate the area and start a long-term approach of direct communication with residents by encouraging participation without forcing it on people. It is making the most of something that a commune could not set up alone.

The long-term objective is to organise three consultations a year to allow the population to have a say and propose and discuss projects to improve the commune.

In Boris Dilliès’ eyes, new technologies offer previously unavailable potential to create dynamic exchange between residents, MPs and administrative services. They want to create debate around how public decisions are made.

Other future initiatives are planned, such as a participative budget.

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