A woman from Lubbeek donates 1.3 million euros to the animal welfare budget in her will

The Flemish animal welfare budget has just received a huge donation of 1.3 million euros. “A 62 year old woman from Lubbeek (Flemish Brabant) wanted her fortune to help animals. She wrote it in her will”, the Flemish Animal welfare Minister Ben Wyets said on Sunday.

Funds for animal welfare are usually generated from owners paying to register their dogs, administrative fines and donations. The money is used to fund refuges, caring for animals which have been confiscated from their owners or abused and running the Flemish animal welfare inspection unit.

“This donation makes me really happy. I hope that this donation means people will think about organisations that protect animals a bit more”, says Ben Wyets.

Flanders’ animal welfare budget last year was 580,000 euros.

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