The sun will be back on Monday

The sun will be back on Monday

The weather will remain cloudy on Sunday afternoon. Rain – even storms – will hit the North-East of the country. However, the West will remain dry, according to forecasts by the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM). The maximum temperature will be between 12? and 16?.

Rain will hit the entire country during the night. The weather will be become misty with some fog, especially in the South near Sambre and Meuse. The minimum temperature will be between 8? and 11?.

After a grey morning, the sun will return on Monday afternoon. The temperature will rise, reaching 27? in the North. It will be cooler near the coast, with a maximum temperature of 15? near the sea and 20? more inland.

It will be pleasant on Tuesday, even though there will be a few clouds blocking the sun. The temperature will remain fairly high, between 17? on the coast and 24? in Campine.

Temperatures will drop slightly from Wednesday. The maximum temperature will be 20? for the rest of the week. The weather will be variable, with sunny and cloudy spells.

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