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World Cup 2018 – Don’t drink and drive, Vias urges

With one month to go before the Football World Cup in Russia, the Vias Institute has called on Belgians to refrain from drinking and driving before and after matches of the national team, the Red Devils. A survey released on Wednesday by the non-profit organization, which focuses on road safety and enhanced mobility, shows that 27% of Belgians plan to view at least one match outside their homes and 61% will drive to go and see it. Since there were 80% more road accidents after the Red Devils’ matches than on ordinary days during Euro 2016, Vias has called on drivers to act responsibly.

About 87% of survey respondents said they would not drink alcohol or would limit themselves to a maximum of three glasses during the national team’s matches. On the other hand, 13% plan to drink at least 4 glasses, while 4% even intend to down more than 8. About 10% said they would drink more when the Red Devils won than when they lost.

According to the Vias study, the number of accidents resulting in fatalities or injuries increases whenever the national team plays, particularly in the hour before a match and the hours immediately after it. The institute is thus appealing to everyone’s sense of responsibility and invites all supporters who will travel to see matches to designate a “Bob”[non-drinking driver] or find alternatives to driving if they have taken alcohol.

The Brussels Times