Two in three Belgians see EU membership as a good thing

Two in three Belgians see EU membership as a good thing
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For 67% of Belgians, their country’s membership of the European Union (EU) is a good thing, according to the European Commission’s latest Eurobarometer survey, published on Wednesday, one year ahead of the European elections in May 2019. According to the survey, conducted in April, 77% of Belgians are convinced that their country has benefitted from being in the EU, as are 67% of European respondents, the highest percentage since 1983.

Asked about the specific problems they would like to see discussed in election campaigns throughout the continent, Belgians, like Europeans as a whole, gave top priority to the fight against terrorism (49%) followed by youthful unemployment (46%).

Immigration, the fight against climate change and protecting the environment (44%) shared third place, followed by the economy and growth (38%).

More than half of Belgians (57%) believe EU nationals will vote in next year’s European elections because “it’s their duty as citizens”, according to the Eurobarometer.

On the other hand, the majority feel that people abstain because they “believe their vote will change nothing”, “do not trust the political system” or “are not interested in politics or elections in general”. Lack of information is also a factor that needs to be taken into consideration, according to the survey.

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