Up to 30 degrees expected over the weekend

Up to 30 degrees expected over the weekend
On Thursday, Belgium recorded its hottest day when the temperature rose to 41.7 °C in Beitem. Credit: © Belga © Belga

The weekend will be lovely and warm, with maximum temperatures reaching up to 30 degrees Celsius. The announcement came on Friday from the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) in its weather forecast.

Friday will start overcast in places with low cloud, mist and banks of cloud, mainly at the coast, in the west of the country and in the Ardennes. This overcast weather will occasionally be persistent by the sea, and in the western far reaches of Belgium.

During the day, there will be alternating clear and cloudy spells. Some showers, even storms, cannot be ruled out during the course of the afternoon. The RMI is stating, “However, these showers will be less evident and frequent than they have been on previous days.” A light wind will blow, without favouring any particular direction. At the coast, the wind direction will however move to between the north and the north-west, and will become moderate. Maximum temperatures will vary between between 17 and 18 degrees Celsius at the coast and 26 degrees in the De Kempen region.

During the evening, the risk of some localised showers, which are potentially stormy, will persist but it will be dry in a number of places. During the night, the weather will become increasingly dry with extensive clear spells. Conditions will allow mist, fog and low cloud to form again, mainly in the west of the country. Minimum temperatures will be between ten and 15 degrees Celsius, with a light wind coming from various directions.

On Saturday, the weather will be frequently sunny, despite some cumulus clouds or light cloud at higher altitudes. It will be warm with maximum temperatures of 24 degrees Celsius in the Ardennes to 29 degrees in the De Kempen region. At the sea, the temperature will climb up to 25 degrees before the wind turns north-easterly, hence the decrease in temperature of a few degrees during the afternoon.

On Sunday, it will initially be sunny, with temperatures going up to 30 degrees Celsius in De Kempen in places. Moreover, maximum temperatures will range from 24 degrees in the Ardennes at the coast and 28 to 29 degrees in the centre of the country. In the afternoon and during the evening, there may be showers and storms in places.

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