Abdeslam associate granted conditional release

Abdeslam associate granted conditional release

A Belgian who aided Salah Abdeslam after the Paris attacks of the 13th of November 2015 was granted conditional release on Monday and placed on probation in Belgium, AFP reported, quoting the Office of the Federal Prosecutor in Belgium and the Paris public prosecutor’s office. Ali Oulkadi, who was incarcerated in France, had briefly taken in Salah Abdeslam when the latter returned to Brussels on the 14th of November 2015, the day after the attacks that claimed 130 lives. However, his lawyers maintained his innocence and, when Oulkadi and Abdeslam – the last member of the 13th of November commando still alive - were brought face to face in March, the latter confirmed this.

Oulkadi was authorised by the French justice authorities on Monday to return to Belgium, where he lived before his arrest in 2015. As part of the conditions of his release, he is “prohibited from leaving Belgium, prohibited from leaving his home between certain hours, prohibited from frequenting certain places and obliged to report to the police in his area of residence,” the Paris prosecutor’s office told AFP. He also has to “show proof that he is working” and cannot “make contact with a certain number of people” or “have a weapon,” according to the same source.

After the face-to-face confrontation in March, his French lawyer, Maitre Marie Dosé, had announced that the defence would file a request for his release as soon as possible. This was accepted by the French justice authorities after their Belgian counterparts set his parole conditions in Brussels, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and Oulkadi’s Belgian attorney, Didier De Quévy, explained on Tuesday.

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