Mawda death - P committee mentions errors in high-speed chase preparation

The P committee's annual report says there are errors in the way Belgian police prepare for high-speed chases.

Police analysts say officers out doing their job could not be aware that these errors could lead to an incident like the Mawda affair. Le Soir spoke about the report in its weekend edition. The Mawda affair refers to the death of a two-year-old Kurdish girl, Mawda Shawri. She was accidently killed by a police bullet during a high-speed chase. The incident happened back in May 2018. 

The P committee's 2017 annual report, published on Friday, said the errors "not only led to an uncoordinated and chaotic operation, but one that created dangerous situations for citizens and the officers themselves". 

A 2014 ministerial directive tried to deal with criticism of high-speed chases at the time (lack of coordination between provinces/judicial jurisdictions, unsynchronised field tactics). 

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