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Close to 110,000 Belgians place bets daily during World Cup

Some 123,000 Belgians placed a bet on-line at the time of the Diables Rouges’ first World Cup match, which is a record. It is twice the usual number of gamblers, reported Wednesday L’Echo.

No less than 800,000 Belgians are registered as on-line gamblers. At the end of May, they were an average of 40,000 to 50,000 to have placed a bet daily. The World Cup has made this number skyrocket: 110,000 Belgians now place a bet daily.

The number registered has also exploded: some 8,000 accounts are currently open.

“The number of bets should yet increase as the Diables Rouges advance in the World Cup,’’ explains Peter Naessens, Director of the Gaming Commission.

The Brussels Times