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This is what will change from 1 July


Every month, it seems, brings new changes to the law, and July is no different. Here are the changes due to take place this Sunday:

Family households and small businesses in Flanders will receive a discount on their energy bill, to make up for an over-payment made between 2009 and 2017 on the federal energy supplement. For families the amount will be small, but small businesses could be recompensed in the order of several thousand euros.

The Leopold II tunnel in Brussels closes for two months. See associated story.

Anyone who passes their driving test in Flanders will have to come back within six to nine months for a half day of training in advanced techniques including the use of spectacles which reproduce the effect of excess alcohol.

People who book package holidays in Belgium now have better protection against random changes by operators of flights, hotel accommodation and all-in excursions. In future, tourists will have to approve any changes in advance. Tourists will also be able to cancel their package if conditions change, for a reasonable compensation.

Motorists found driving with a blood alcohol level of 1.8 or more will be obliged to fit an alcohol lock, which requires the driver to pass a breath test before the car can start. For repeat offenders, the threshold goes down to 1.2.

Air Belgium introduces direct flight to Hong Kong three times a week from Brussels Airport.

Alan Hope
The Brussels Times