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2018 fiscal receipts better than anticipated

The federal government should receive some €119.91 billion in 2018. The figure is €327.7 million more than anticipated back in February, on the basis of forecasts made by the FPS Finance, which L’Echo has had sight of. The payments anticipated again have a more positive impact than expected (with an increase of €1.22 billion).

In 2019, fiscal receipts may only increase by 1.04%. The potential cause is the second phase cost of the tax shift, which came into force in 2018, and which is likely to cost €1.52 billion. The total breaks down, using approximate figures, as €1.07 billion to be borne by the federal government, with the balance falling upon the shoulders of both the regional governments (€354.9 million) and local government (€99.5 million).

Oscar Schneider
The Brussels Times