Wallonia approves legal framework for installing LNG charging stations

Wallonia approves legal framework for installing LNG charging stations

The Government of Wallonia on Friday adopted a legal framework for supporting the installation of liquified natural gas (LNG) charging stations in the region. The measure, which was passed at first reading, will enable the region to reduce its emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) by 25% and carbon monoxide (CO) by 97% compared to diesel or gas engines. The LNG will be used mainly by trucks.

“In its alternative-fuels strategy, Europe has identified electricity, hydrogen, bio-fuels, natural gas and liquified natural gas as currently the main fuels that can replace oil in the long term,” Wallonia’s Environment Minister Carlo Di Antonio said. “To support this greening and the deployment of infrastructure for alternative fuels for the sector, Wallonia is adapting its regulations.”

The text gives the conditions of installation and operation that need to be met to obtain environmental permit. Provisions relating to installation and construction, storage, operation and maintenance, aimed at guaranteeing safety in supplying the gas, will have to be respected.

Currently, only one LNG pump, in Herstal, is accessible in the south of the country.

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