Rains tomorrow may cause local roads to be slippery

Rains tomorrow may cause local roads to be slippery

Long overdue rains may result in slippery roads tomorrow that could be especially dangerous to cyclists and motor cyclists. The warm and dry weather of the past few weeks means that the rubber and oil normally washed away by rain showers from time to time has accumulated on local roads for weeks on end.

Tomorrow's rains are likely to turn this built-up layer of oil and rubber into a slippery paste that could especially be dangerous to cyclists and motor cyclists.

Drivers are being advised to maintain a safe distance from the vehicles in front of them and to especially drive cautiously when making turns.

The weather forecast for tomorrow predicts 1 to 4 millimetres of rain, with most of the showers concentrated in the Kempen region of Flanders. The rains are unlikely to remedy the drought that local farmers have complained about in recent weeks.

The warm weather of recent weeks has also led to a surge in reports of outdoor fires across the country as well as low water levels in river and canals in the province of West Flanders.

Temperatures are not expected to drop below 30 degrees Celsius until early next week, when the chance for some isolated rain showers will again increase.

Linda A. Thompson
The Brussels Times

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