Monitoring committee estimates necessary budgetary effort at 2.6 billion euros

The Monitoring Committee Report — set up to elaborate next year’s initial budget — estimates the necessary effort for 2019 at 2.6 billion euros, considering the fixed objectives, stated Wednesday evening the federal Minister of Budget Sophie Wilmès (MR), on the basis of the said report. This document paves the way for the summer budgetary conclave. According to the Monitoring Committee, the nominal deficit — assuming an unchanged policy — is estimated at 1.26% of the GDP (3.1% in 2014); the structural deficit, at 1.13% (2.9% in 2014).

For the Minister of Budget, “the effort estimated by the Monitoring Committee fits the trajectory planned and announced by the government in as early as 2017, in its multi-year budgetary projects. So, deficit estimations of nominal balance for 2018 and 2019 correspond in general to those anticipated.’’

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