Belgian NGO Oxfam receives biggest donation ever

Belgian NGO Oxfam receives biggest donation ever

The Belgian NGO Oxfam-Solidarité has received a donation of €1.2 million euros from a Liège woman – the biggest sum of money ever to be donated to the charity. In a press statement released today, the Belgian branch of the Oxfam International NGO announced that the donation was made by a widow in the Liège province with no legal descendants who wished to remain anonymous.

The new donation surpasses the NGO’s previous record donation of €900,000 in 2014.

The anonymous donor has asked Oxfam Solidarité to use the money to combat poverty in Belgium in general and in the Liège area in specific.

“A significant sum will be used to train the long-term unemployed as part of our second-hand stores project,” Oxfam Solidarité executive director Eva Smets told Gazet van Antwerpen.

“So we would like to warmly thank this donor for her very generous act in the name of the thousands of people who will benefit from this new, lavish donation,” added Oxfam Solidarité philanthropy manager Philippe Schyns.

The number of people who leave money to a charity in their will has been increasing for years, according to Oxfam Solidarité – from €300 million in 2012 to €500 million last year.

Linda A. Thompson
The Brussels Times

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