Brafco criticises the Flemish government's decision to ban oil heaters

Brafco criticises the Flemish government's decision to ban oil heaters

The Belgian Federation for Fuel Negotiators (Brafco) disapproves of the Flemish government’s decision to ban the sale of oil heaters from 2021. On Sunday, the association said the decision had been made without consulting the sector. The decision also came the day after Flemish authorities signed a Regional Energy and Climate Plan. 

“This irrational decision will have massive consequences on both the Belgian population and the environment", Brafco said in a press release. The organisation said it will lead to thousands of job losses. 

Brafco disagrees that the cost a heat pump (around 22,000 euros) is quickly recuperated “because of a soar in Belgian electricity prices”. “The question is whether the pump will work when you really need it: there is a recurring problem with a lack of electricity in Belgium during the Winter months”. 

Brafco says thousands of family businesses that deliver oil will be forced to close. “Around 5,000 jobs are under threat. If we also take suppliers into account, then we’re talking tens of thousands of jobs”, it added. 

The organisation, which defends businesses that trade and distribute fuel, also pointed out that the sector has made efforts to reduce the ecological impact of oil heaters. The Flemish government’s decision could stop investments in improving the performance of heaters or hybrid heating systems. 

Brafco has said it will fight the decision “every way we can”.

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