Some 200 Belgian, Dutch and German police officers mobilised in border areas

About 200 Belgian, Dutch and German police officers took part on Wednesday in a sweeping joint action against cross-border criminals, most of them coming from Eastern Europe. The officers checked hundreds of cars in areas along the countries’ joint borders, establishing checkpoints along a 40-kilometre stretch between Heerlen in the Netherlands, Aix-la-Chapelle in Germany and Eupen in Belgium.

Police used cameras to check on drivers as they crossed the borders, while patrols were also conducted along secondary roads.

The results of the joint initiative were scheduled to be released on Thursday, but Dutch police told the Dutch news agency, ANP, on Wednesday that one person was arrested and would have to serve time in prison. A total of 1,500 fines were imposed, while a driver who had been driving without a license for years was caught.

The German police arrested two persons, but further details in this regard were scheduled to be provided on Thursday.

The operation targeted mainly criminals, especially gangs that have been committing offences ranging from petty larceny and shoplifting to various types of fraud.

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