Ozone gas levels drop this weekend

Ozone gas levels drop this weekend

The Interregional Environment Cell (Celine) expected Ozone gas levels on Saturday to be lower than Friday’s. Celine published their predictions on Saturday morning. Ozone gas levels on Friday were higher than the European norm of 180 µg/m3 in 33 areas of Belgium (located across all three regions). However, the organisation said things would improve on Saturday. Ozone gas is mainly generated by strong sunlight and traffic.    

Celine predicted that the highest levels for Saturday would be in the far South of the country. They said it was possible pollution levels might go above the European norm again in those areas, but they weren’t expecting that to happen elsewhere. The air quality is expected to improve again on Sunday, before getting worse again on Monday. 

People are advised to avoid outdoor physical activity in the afternoon and evening when Ozone gas levels are high, especially if they have health issues. Ozone gas is less present indoors. 

As a long-term solution, less cars on the road and a drop in the use of toxic paints would mean less air pollution. 

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