Businesses in Flanders donate water for watering plants

Businesses in Flanders donate water for watering plants
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Several Flanders businesses have recently donated water to communal gardening services and nearby farmers. These include AB InBev, Raffinerie Tirlemontoise and dairy company Olympia. 

AB InBev will deliver 70 m3 of treated water from its Louvain brewery to Brabant authorities. The local plant pumps 5,000 cubic meters of purified water into the Dyle every day. The purified water is particularly good for plants because of its high nitrogen content.  

Raffinerie Tirlemontoise has noticed the drought’s impact on their town: gardening services and farmers in the region are short on water. It will therefore donate filtered water from its beetroot processing plants. 

Olympia in Hérinnes (Flemish Brabant), near Enghien, is also donating large quantities of water. 

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