Two-year-old found alone on the street in Diest

A two-year-old girl was found alone on the street, Wednesday morning in Diest. After an intensive search, she was brought back two hours later to her parent’s home, who had not yet noticed her disappearance, reports the local television Rob-TV. The information has been confirmed by local police.

“A woman passing by came across the child Wednesday morning around 8 am near the Hasseltsepoort,’’ the Chief Commissioner Jan Vanhauweren explains. “The child was happy and in good health, but she could not say precisely where she came from. The woman then led her to the police station, and we took care of her.’’

In the meantime, a half-dozen police agents began searching for the family, after having notably taken pictures of the child.

“At last, after around two hours, the little girl’s parents and home were found, at about 500 meters away from where she had been found,’’ continues the Commissioner. “The parents hadn’t noticed her disappearance. The mother was still sleeping, after having worked all night, and the father had briefly left the home, thinking that the little girl was still asleep. She managed, during the brief absence of her father, to open the door and go for a walk.’’

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