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Policeman killed in Spa – suspects come from Schinnen

The prime suspect of the fatal shooting, which took place in Spa on Saturday evening, came from the Dutch town of Schinnen near the Belgian border. The Dutch newspaper, De Limburger, is indicating these facts.

The daily publication states that his name is “Yvo T.” He went with his brother and father to Spa for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, to see the Dutch driver, Max Verstappen, in action.

Acquaintances describe him as a man aged 36 years with many problems. He lives in a caravan, in his parents garden. Several sources assert that he was involved in violence and drugs, but does not have a criminal record.

A policeman was killed in this shooting which took place in the night of Saturday through to Sunday. Yvo T. was intercepted on Sunday morning by the police. The investigators then found the other two suspects during the day on Monday.

In addition, on Monday, two key witnesses came forward to the police after a wanted notice was issued. They were each questioned by the police.

The Brussels Times