Dutch police arrest final two suspects in murder of policeman in Spa

Dutch police arrest final two suspects in murder of policeman in Spa
The investigating judge was due to meet with Ivo T. on Monday evening.

The Verviers Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed, on Monday, that the Dutch police arrested the two men wanted after the murder of a policeman during the night of Saturday through to Sunday in Spa. Vanessa Clérin, the Public Prosecutor for division f.f. Indicated, in a communiqué, “The two people who accompanied the suspect when the incident occurred were identified and intercepted in the Netherlands. They were deprived of their liberty and mutual legal assistance proceedings are under way with the Netherlands, with which collaboration may be described as excellent.”

Moreover, two witnesses had already turned themselves in to the police earlier in the day. These two witnesses, described as “fortunate”, in the wanted notice were questioned. The Verviers Public Prosecutor’s Office indicated, “Their statements will be collated with the various pieces of evidence which have been, and are being, gathered as part of the investigation.”

On Sunday morning, the police had arrested the Dutchman Ivo T., suspected of perpetrating the murder. He was part of a group of individuals who were denied access to a café a few hours before. His hearing was still in progress on Monday. The public Prosecutor’s Office added, “No information is available as to the content of his statements. The investigating judge will meet with him during [Monday] evening.”

A statement regarding the potential issue of an arrest warrant against him is anticipated to be made on Tuesday.

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