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Youtube music application hits Belgium

The musical streaming service developed by Youtube arrives in Belgium this Wednesday. Youtube Music sees itself as a competitor of sector giants such as Spotify and Apple Music.

For its catalogue, Youtube is collaborating with four record industry giants (Universal, Sony, Warner and EMI) as well as several smaller labels. Users can not only listen to music, but also look at musical clips and concert excerpts.

A feature of the app is the possibility to input the song lyrics into the excerpt.

Youtube Music also enables, via geolocalization, adaptation of the music to the user’s given location at any time (whether at work, at the gym or elsewhere). Music choices are also adapted to the time of day.

The service had already been available in 17 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. Alongside Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Denmark have access to the service from now on.

The application is free, although there is also a paying option offered, enabling users to avoid advertisers.

The Brussels Times