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Suspended one-year prison sentences for Waterloo burglars

The Brabant Walloon Criminal Court on Tuesday sentenced Allalou A., aged 38, Abraham S., aged 43, and Abraham T., aged 30, to one-year suspended prison sentences. The sentences were in addition to the detention on remand which they had already served for nearly two months at the beginning of 2018. These three men, originally from the north of France, were arrested for questioning in a block of flats in Waterloo, on January 24th of this year, in possession of equipment with a view to committing burglaries.

The Chief of the police zone had located the suspect household, within a residential area, from the driver of a Mercedes with a French registration plate. He then called for reinforcements. Besides the suspect at the wheel of the vehicle, two people were intercepted on the third floor of a block of flats mainly occupied by elderly ladies. The two men were in possession of safe boxes in which were, in particular, a screwdriver, gloves and a self-defence spray.

The Mercedes driver, questioned by investigators, indicated that he had agreed to drive his friends to Belgium to meet prostitutes, and he had no idea why he was in Waterloo. The second stated that he had entered the block of flats simply out of curiosity, and the third claimed that attractive young girls had given them this address, whilst begging the men to follow them. After several weeks of being in detention on remand, they confessed that they had come to the location to commit a number of burglaries.

On Tuesday, the Brabant Walloon Criminal Court, in addition to handing down the sentences to each of the defendants, ordered the confiscation of the Mercedes C200 belonging to Allalou A. and in which the trio had come to Belgium.

The Brussels Times