Petrol and heating oil less expensive from Saturday

Petrol and heating oil less expensive from Saturday
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The Directorate-General for Energy of the FPS Economy indicated, on Friday, that petrol and heating oil will be less expensive from Saturday. The maximum price of the unleaded petrol ‘95- E10’ will thus decrease by 3.8 cents, reaching 1.515 euro per litre. The decline will be 4.6 cents for unleaded ‘98’, for which the price per litre cannot exceed 1.582 euro.

The price of heating oil will also follow the same downward trend. An order of at least 2,000 litres requires payment of 2 cents less per litre, for which the maximum price will be 0.7681 euro per litre.

These prices result from fluctuations in values of oil products and/or bio-component products, inherent in their composition, on the international markets.

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