Ceremony at Yser tower for the Great War

Around 50 sympathisers commemorated the 100th anniversary of the 1st World War Armistice at the Porte de la Paix. It was constructed on the site of the former Yser tower in Dixmude. The event was organised by the Flemish Nationalist Right. The ceremony included political speeches calling for Flemish independence after the 2019 elections. 

“It’s high-time a State plan was on the table”, says Bart De Valck, the President of Vlaams Volksbeweging. He said people should no longer contend themselves with state reforms. After the good results the nationalist right achieved on the 14th of October in many Flemish communes, it hopes to form a Flemish party coalition in 2019. This would open the door to Flemish independence. “The results we achieved in Dendre valley and the Renaix region shows the subsistence of a community vote. It also shows the N-VA and Vlaams Belang must not just be connected vessels”, says Bart De Valck. He called for a coalition between the N-VA and the extreme-right list Forza Ninove to be formed in Ninove. “If the N-VA can work with the Green party in Antwerp then it can work with Forza Ninove”, he said. He called for democracy to be exercised. 

Up until this point the ceremony had been sombre and serein, but it finished with speeches like this. They were followed by “Vlaamse Leeuw”, which was punctuated with a few cries of “Down with Belgium”.

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