Three in four Belgians find parking policies “chaotic”

Three in four Belgians find parking policies “chaotic”
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Three in four Belgians find the country’s parking policies “chaotic”, according to the findings of a survey by the Touring organization, released on Monday. Some 80% of respondents feel the Blue zones, where parking discs are compulsory, were not clearly indicated. Only 8% of drivers polled were highly satisfied with the parking places, 22% felt they were poorly indicated and 59% felt parking was too expensive.

Touring, which focuses on road safety, mobility and assistance to road users, said the Blue parking places should be better indicated, including by painting them, or the adjoining pavements, in blue. The association said that it hadbeen receiving an increasing number of complaints and remarks about parking and related tariffs. From 822 in 2016, the complaints rose to 944 last year which, Touring said, was in part logical because “more and more municipalities and cities have introduced paid parking throughout their areas” and there always seems to be a lack of clarity in parking policies.

Municipalities and cities are, in fact, in charge of their parking policies and can decide independently on criteria, tariffs and signage, Touring recalled, calling for parking policies to be harmonised. This should “be an integral part of a global sustainable mobility policy,” it recommended. “Making parking criteria and tariffs understandable would lead to greater acceptance,” added the organisation, which also said tariffs should be “reasonable”.

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