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Demonstrators in yellow vests return to Feluy

According to the federal police website, demonstrators in yellow vests came back to block the A7 motorway in Feluy during Monday evening. At 10 p.m. some “yellow vests” had set up a roadblock and lit a fire on the A7 motorway, at Feluy in the Mons direction. The right-hand lane was impeded. The federal police also indicated the presence of demonstrators on the N59 (a “national” road) in Feluy at the A7 entry and exit.

After several days of roadblocks, since the 16 November, and the implementing of a safety perimeter by the authorities, road movement on the A7/E19 motorway and its access roads at Feluy had been re-established on 4 December. The communal authorities in Feluy (Seneffe) had indicated that a police mechanism had however remained in place to ensure safety in the Feluy area, and at the Total garage site.

Christopher Vincent
The Brussels Times