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Around 343 million euros of black money declared

In 2018, legalisation services received 726 requests to legalise undeclared earnings. The requests add up to a total of 343 million euros, according to figures provided by Finance minister Alexander De Croo. De Tijd reported on the story Saturday. 

The number of declarations and total amount declared are down from the previous year. There were 842 declarations totalling a record amount of 590 million euros in 2017. 

Most of the declarations concern non-declared money languishing in Luxemburgish and Swiss accounts. The increase in the number of data exchanges seems to be encouraging Belgians to legalise their situation. 

Out of the 554 million euros declared last year, 202 million euros was paid as recompense. 357 million euros extra has gone into the State treasury since the start of the fourth wave of legalisation. 

The Brussels Times