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“Prostitution zone” to be implemented in Liège

The Mayor of the city of Liège, Willy Demeyer, has indicated that a so called “P Zone” (P for prostitution), could be implemented in the city, as part of efforts to remove prostitution carried out on the streets. In case the zone would not be endorsed by a majority in the local municipality, the mayor is prepared to keep advocating for it’s necessity in order to fight street prostitution and the problems it generates.

The Mayor is himself witness to the prostitution carried out between pimps, prostitutes and clients in the Grand Poste neighbourhood and the North Cathedral. Previously bordellos had been at place in the area. but have since a few years closed.

Willy Demeyer explains that his new coalition partner from the liberal reformist movement is in favour of the idea. He also indicates that the zone will not necessarily be located at the Grand Post district. “It will be a geographically marked zone, with the presence of social workers, resulting in lower risks for those involved. Outside this area, prostitution will not be tolerated,” says the Mayor. He adds that a framework would have to be negotiated with the judicial authorities, as it is not legal to make a living from prostitution.

The Brussels Times