Snow and overcast on Tuesday

Snow and overcast on Tuesday

Several centimetres of snow are expected on Tuesday morning across all of Belgium. Maximum temperatures will be between -3 to +4 degrees Celsius, the RMI has said. Wintry showers are also expected on Wednesday, albeit to a lesser extent.

Snowfalls are expected early Tuesday morning in the west of the country. They are set to reach the centre of the country in the second part of the morning, to then move towards the east, where they will be arriving come the afternoon. Behind this band of snow, the weather will become drier with some sunny spells. Maximum temperatures will be around 3 or 4 degrees Celsius in the west, 2 degrees Celsius in the centre of the country, and -2 degrees Celsius in the Ardennes. Initially there will be a moderate south to south-westerly wind, which will then weaken as the afternoon progresses. 

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During Tuesday night through to Wednesday morning, there will still be extensive cloud cover in the Ardennes with snow, whilst elsewhere the weather will be generally dry with the possibility of some sunny spells. Later in the evening and during the night, wintry showers will pass across the country, coming from the west. Although less pronounced, frost is once again set to form across all regions, with minimum temperatures of -1 to -8 degrees Celsius. You should therefore be alert as to the possible formation of ice patches.

On Wednesday, the sky will be cloudy, with wintry showers at times. In the Ardennes, there will be snow showers. Maximum temperatures will range between -2 degrees Celsius in the Hautes-Fagnes upland area and +3 degrees Celsius in the lower plains. There will be a low to moderate south-east wind. 

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