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Illegally slaughtered meat exported to the EU

All the illegal Polish meat that had been exported to France has been located. Some of the last batch of 145kg had already been sold to consumers, the Agriculture minister announced on Saturday. 

“The remaining 145kg has been located within batches of meat sold by wholesalers, butchers or restaurants”, the minister said. “Some of these batches have been taken off the market”. 

Several EU countries, have been trying to locate the illegal Polish meat since Friday to stop it being eaten and destroy it. The meat comes from illegal slaughtering and nearly three tonnes of it was exported to the EU. 

Sanitary services in France found nearly 800kg of this meat, which Polish authorities say does not pose a health risk. 

Another 500kg was found and destroyed on Friday evening. 150kg had been sold to consumers by butchers. The remaining 145kg was found later. 

The ministry said all the batches that had still been on sale have been taken off the market, even though some had already been sold to consumers and recalled. 

“The complicated thing is that 145kg of this meat was mixed in with other meat by the wholesaler that sold it. That meant we couldn’t identify it straight away”. 

The minister explained that this 145kg batch was mixed in with another 2.4 tonnes of meat, but he was not able to say if it was minced or in whole pieces.  

The Brussels Times