Café owner guilty of murdering competitor in Flanders

Café owner guilty of murdering competitor in Flanders
Following the incident, Muzaffer Akkus died from his injuries.

The jury at the Ghent Assize Court stated on Thursday evening that Hasan Iceloglu, aged 54, was guilty of the premeditated murder of Muzaffer Akkus in Temse in 2016. He fired six shots at the victim who, like him, ran a Turkish charity and a café, but was attracting more customers.

The incident took place during the night of 9 April through to 10 April 2016. Local police received a call shortly after midnight, concerning a shooting in the Turkish charity, Club 101, in Tamise. The victim, a man aged 47 who was running the premises, was taken to hospital, where he died from his injuries.

“It was a form of execution,” considered the Public Prosecutor. “After firing the first shot you were in a position to stop. However, you continued to shoot at a maximum distance of 30 centimetres from [the victim’s] head, whilst remaining very calm.”

The Defence argued the absence of the premeditative element. However, in the end the jury considered that Hasan Iceloglu was entirely guilty of murder, and that he had completely planned his actions.

Sentencing proceedings will take place on Friday. The accused risks receiving a life sentence.

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