A 10-point plan to combat violent radicalisation in Wallonia

The Walloon government has drawn up a 10-point plan to combat violent radicalisation. These include a regional mobile team to detect radicalisation, L’Avenir reported on Saturday. 

This plan to combat violent radicalisation is part of an agreement between the Brussels-Wallonia Federation, Brussels regional authorities and several Walloon and Brussels towns. 

Minister-President Willy Borsus (MR) says “we can’t say radicalisation only affects such-and-such a town or commune. We can’t take risks. We have to be thorough and balanced with this plan”. 

The 10-point plan has a budget of 4.4 million euros. 

The measures include the creation of a “regional centre of expertise for the prevention of violent radicalisation” made up of Walloon professionals. There will also be a regional mobile team “to improve training services and the detection of radicalisation in Wallonia.” 

The plan also includes a list of sensitive areas where extra vigilance is required, training for SPW agents on dealing with radicalisation in the field and additional means to decrypt information on social networks and develop critical thinking. More effort will be made to train former convicts to help them reintegrate when they leave prison.  

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