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Brussels climate marchers move on to Paris

Some 200 young people, including Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg and her Belgian counterparts, Adelaïde Charlier, Kyra Gantois and Anuna de Wever, participated on Friday in Paris in the second day of a French youth-for-climate rally. The iconic Swedish activist first held a press conference at the Place de la Republique. Wearing her trademark braids, her face drawn, the teenager preferred to give the floor to other representatives of her Fridays-for-future movement from various European countries.

“I wish the adults would take up their responsibility,” said Germany’s Luisa Neubauer (20). “We are striking because people are not doing anything.”

“It’s our future. It affects everyone, but it’s we who will be living here in 20 years’ time,” commented Dario Vareni (20), who came in from Switzerland for the event.

Just before the start of the march, they were about 200 outside the Opera, holding up placards with inscriptions such as: “Save the Earth, eat a lobbyist” and “Water is coming”, or chanting the slogan “We are hotter than the climate,” according to the French news agency AFP.

French actress Juliette Binoche and ecologist Euro-parliamentarian Yannick Jadot were also present.

The Brussels Times