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Brussels Airport failed to spot bomb belt security test

© Belga
© Belga

A so-called ‘mystery passenger’ – used to test safety at airports – successfully passed security at Brussels Airport without being stopped, despite wearing a fake bomb belt around its waist. “On 1 October last year, I was asked to try to pass the security checkpoint with a fake bomb belt”, said the mystery passenger, HLN reports.

“The belt looked very credible, with wires, a detonator and a substance that had the same density as real explosives,” added the passenger. 

When being searched, the passenger pretended to be a foreign passenger who did not speak Dutch. “I gestured that I was bothered by my back and showed that I wore a kind of armour. To my great surprise, I was allowed to continue,” said the passenger.

“That same day I also passed security twice with a false personnel badge and I could smuggle a knife without being noticed,” added the passenger.

“The incident was reported to Minister of Mobility François Bellot,” said trade unionist Bart Neyens (ACOD). “Five months later we are still waiting for concrete measures,” he added.

Checks at the airport are the responsibility of G4S. The private company uses 850 to 900 people in Zaventem to screen the passengers and provide terminal security. These procedures are regularly checked by the Directorate-General for Civil Aviation using procedures such as mystery passengers.

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Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times