Company cars yet to go green

Company cars yet to go green

Getting companies to use green vehicles remains a far off goal, according to a 2019 study on the matter.   Nine cars out of 10 company cars are diesel, while gasoline and hybrids make up the rest, HR company Securex found, based on data collected from 40,000 workers.

“We see that CO2 emissions have generally dropped by only 2% in two years,” explained Iris Tolpe, Legal Director at Securex. Diesel remains king, and the market is not yet ready for greening, she added.

Currently, 87.7% of company cars are diesel. The remainder is made up of vehicles running on gasoline (10.1%), with a marginal number of hybrid and electric cars. Around 0.2% are electric, while 1.7% are hybrids.

According to Securex, CO2 emissions from company cars have dropped by 2.2% in two years, from 114.4g / km in 2017 to 112g / km in 2019.

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