Air traffic controllers to strike on Tuesday

Air traffic controllers to strike on Tuesday

The staff at air traffic controller Skeyes (formerly Belgocontrol) will take strike action Tuesday evening and night, with minimal disruptions expected.  “We are going to give a warning,” says unionist Lennert Mervilde of trade union VSOA. “The workload is too high to guarantee the safety of air traffic.”

The concrete plan of the campaign is not yet clear, but the impact will not be heavy, according to Mervilde. “The airports will have a problem during a certain period,” he said. 

After the action, Skeyes staff will give management a week to the next meeting scheduled for March 18. “If it doesn’t work, then further actions will follow,” added Mervilde.

Skeyes is the Belgian air navigation and traffic service provider for the civil airspace for which the Belgian State is responsible. In Belgium, its zones of activities include the control of the airports of BrusselsCharleroiLiege, Antwerp and Ostend

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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