Stable milk prices in the offing

Stable milk prices in the offing
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A project to guarantee stable milk prices has become official now that enough dairy farmers have signed on to it, the Colruyt Group supermarket chain announced on Monday. Under the project, initiated in February by Colruyt and the Inex dairy producer and distributor, 328 dairy farmers will receive a fixed price of 34.76 cents per litre for a percentage of their production from April 2020.  On that date, the first Boni Selection products resulting from the project will appear on the shelves of Colruyt supermarkets.

“Some 328 dairy farmers have confirmed their intention to take part, which was enough to seal the effective implementation of the project, Colruyt said in a press release. “Together they will supply the required volume of 30 million litres of milk.”

The participating farmers have pledged to provide 18.5% of their output for five years, starting in April 2020. This could increase to a maximum of 30%, based on the sales of Boni Selection products.

The price paid to the producers will remain at 34.76 cents/litre for the entire five-year period, according to the press release, which added that Inex and Colruyt Group plan to assess the system regularly.

For the farmers, the main arguments in favour of the project are a guaranteed market and stable prices.

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