Residents mistake art for car bomb

Residents mistake art for car bomb
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Deminers from Heverlee rushed to the Stavelot-Malmedy area on Sunday at 7.00 a.m. in response to citizen fears of a car bomb in the town. Passers-by had reported a suspicious vehicle there in the small hours of the morning, licensed in the UK, with wires sticking out of it. Strange boxes and garbage bags were stacked on the front seat, it was mistaken for a car bomb.

As a precaution, police and the deminers decided to strip the vehicle completely but found nothing alarming. On closer inspection, the material inside the car was found to look very much like equipment for a party, complete with sound boxes.

The police were able to question the driver, an Englishman who had come to Belgium for a festival of contemporary art to be held in Brussels.

His car? One of the future exhibits for the festival. 

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