Speed check day records 29,450 infringements

Speed check day records 29,450 infringements

In connection with the 11th 24-hour “Speed Check Marathon,” organised on Wednesday with a 6 AM start, the federal traffic police and local police checked 1,087,511 vehicles across the country, the federal police stated on Thursday.
Result: 29,450 drivers went over the speed limit, that is 2,71% of the people checked, and 65 of them had their driving licences withdrawn.

Bad behaviour is on the rise compared with the previous operation in October 2018. At the time of the previous marathon, 2.54% of drivers were going too fast and 107 driving licences were withdrawn.

In view of the results, the federal police estimate that there are still too many drivers on the roads that do not respect the speed limit. The police remind us that excessive speed is frequently directly proportional to the seriousness of the accident. In 1 accident in 3, speeding plays a key role and can very often be the cause. The battle against excessive or inappropriate speed is, therefore, according to the federal police, of vital importance when it comes to road safety.

The marathon is seen in the context of a European “speed marathon” set up at the instigation of TISPOL (the European network of traffic police). In pursuing this kind of control activity, the Belgian police aim to change the behaviour of drivers who think they have the right to exceed speed limits.

In the North Brussels area alone (Schaerbeek, Saint-Josse-ten-Noode and Evere), 1,016 motorists were given verbal warnings. Out of 4,655 vehicles checked using mobile speed cameras, 517 motorists were over the speed limit (11.1%). More specifically, in area 30, mobile speed cameras checked 1,316 vehicles and 419 were going over the speed limit (31.84%).

As regards fixed speed cameras, out of 104,083 vehicles checked only 31 motorists went over the limit (0.03%). In addition, the Boulevard Léopold III radar section enabled 468 motorists to be given a verbal warning during the marathon.

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