Emission of fine particles down in all regions

Emission of fine particles down in all regions
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The concentration of fine particles went down over the past 24 hours in Belgium, the Belgian Interregional Environment Agency, CELINE (IRCEL), reported on Wednesday.

As a result, the information phase, triggered whenever air pollution rises above 50 µg/m³, has been deactivated, the environmental unit announced.

Average concentrations over the 24 hours ending at noon on Wednesday measured 40 µg/m³ in Flanders, 47 µg/m³ in Wallonia and 37 µg/m³ in Brussels.

“Due to the more favourable meteorological conditions,” including higher winds and drier air from the northeast, “the information threshold is not expected to be exceeded today and in the coming days,” CELINE noted.

Since Sunday, measuring networks in the three regions had registered high concentrations of fine particles due to “inorganic secondary aerosols” formed by the reactions between nitrogen oxide (NOx) given off by vehicle exhausts and ammonia (NH3) produced by farming activity. Conducive spring conditions had also helped increase particle emissions.

When inhaled, fine particles are a source of irritation and damage lung tissues.

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