Flemish anti-vaccination doctor will cost lives, says Maggie De Block

Flemish anti-vaccination doctor will cost lives, says Maggie De Block

Minister of Public Health Maggie De Block (Open Vld) has spoken out against a Flemish doctor who questioned the use of vaccinations against measles. “This man’s theory is going to cost lives,” she said.

In an interview with VTM NIEUWS Doctor Kris Gaublomme claimed that receiving vaccinations against a disease lowers immunity and may even lead to asthma, autism and behavioural disorders. De Block, who is a doctor by training, strongly disagreed.

“Every doctor must treat and guide their patient according to science,” said De Block. “The usefulness of vaccinations has been scientifically proven. All other claims are inventions and unworthy of a doctor,” she added. On Wednesday, the minister called for someone to file a complaint against the doctor, because only then can the Order of Physicians take action.

By Thursday, Louis Ide, national secretary of the N-VA and a doctor himself, had filed the necessary complaint. “The Order of Physicians is a deontological organisation and every doctor is expected to be aware of the latest state of science and to act accordingly. This man’s statements are a danger to public health,” he said.

Thanks to a thorough vaccination program, there have been no more cases of dangerous polio (the only mandatory vaccine) in Belgium since 1970. Other vaccines such as tetanus, rubella and measles are included in a basic package that is offered for each child.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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